Personal air purifier for office work spaces


Third Year Studio


1 Semester


Design an personal air purifier for office workers that is easy to use.

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1. Research

Air Purifier1.1-02.png
Air Purifier1.1-03.png
Air Purifier1.1-04.png

Understanding the Technology

Disassembling a product

Exploring Existing Markets

Research was conducted in a group of 4. Exploring existing markets revealed trends and market opportunities. Understanding the technology showed which filter technologies were useful for different contexts. Disassembling a product provided insight to component size and arrangement, materials used, assembly, and fastening techniques. Thoroughly understanding the product yielded useful insights and considerations that guided the design process.

2. Ideate


Internal Components

Determining the internals early in process allowed for more focus on usability and aesthetics instead of technology. The internals were sketched in a 1:1 scale, then quickly modeled with cardboard. This allowed for ideation to be more grounded and realistic.

Functions to test...

The next step was identifying key functions to design and test. Some features were decided through sketching and rapid prototyping. Tilt mechanisms and filter cartridge handles are key functions for usability, so they were selected as functions to test.


3. Test


Tilting Mechanisms

Air flow was adjusted through two tilting methods. The chosen method uses a stand that the air purifier sits on. It was chosen because it was easier to use, and participants found that having a stand increased their connection to the product.







Filter Cartridge Handles

Handle B was chosen based on size and comfort, but the form needed to be developed to communicate that it should be pulled, not twisted.

4. Develop & Refine

Air Purifier1-09.jpg

The overall form, grill pattern, power slider, filter cartridge handle, and stand were all unsatisfactory to the professor. This meant that almost every element of the purifier needed to be improved before the final model could be made.

  1. The overall form was changed to better communicate how air flows through the product.

  2. The filter door was made more sculptural, with a protruding grip with overhanging edges.

  3. The stand was changed to be made from sheet material instead of rods

  4. The power slider was changed to a dial.

  5. A custom grill pattern was developed.

5. Final Design

Air Purifier1.1-11.jpg