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Hi! I'm Eduardo Soto-Danseco! I'm a recent Industrial Design graduate from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I empathize with many people, I'm a hard worker, and a fast learner who is eager to contribute to meaningful projects. I'm proficient in sketching, prototyping, model making, graphic design, and illustration. Gaining knowledge, insights, and skills is a key aspect of what excites and motivates me. I am currently looking to pursue design opportunities in 2024.
Outside of design, I love to learn and stay creative. One of my lifelong passions is creativity. Photography, illustration, painting, and graphic designs are all outlets where I enjoy exploring ideas. I also really enjoy cooking, breakdancing, slack-lining, meeting people, and staying stimulated with new activities.

I am passionate about design because I aspire to help others. Care is an important word to me; in my eyes it is a key principle of great design. It is applicable in all facets of life and is at the core of my professional goals. In design school, I have developed skills in design research, sketching, computer modelling and rendering, communicating visually, building physical models, and designing in team settings. While detail oriented, I also look at the bigger picture. I approach the world with curiosity to find new possibilities and create positive experiences. I am interested in designing innovative and expressive products and spaces that enrich people's lives.

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